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Is Getting Married on River Thames a Good Idea? The River Thames is one those very popular places where people gather to celebrate or hold special events. Today, it’s no longer a surprise that you’d be invited to a friend’s special event or celebration, or perhaps the company you work for may be holding a product launch or PR event there. Now even though there are so many different events you get to see in the Thames, it’s no secret that a wedding or wedding reception is the most sought after and popular. An increasing number of people are turning their attention towards a popular Thames boat being the ideal host for a wedding reception, and the reason why you’re reading this is because you’re probably also intrigued about the idea. Aside from the fact that you get to see the landmark spots in London in the entire tour, there are so many other reasons why it’s really a great idea. Here are the reasons why a Thames Wedding is the best:
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1 – It couldn’t get any more unique that a Thames River boat wedding.
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If you are looking to make your wedding something that will linger and remain memorable for the rest of your life, consider a place that’s beyond compare to others and Thames gives you just that. Likewise, you get the same luxury to that of a typical wedding reception on dry land since you can choose to hire the most sought after wedding suppliers in the city, including caterers on board, florists, jewelers, and others. 2 – How about a rock start type of treatment? Getting married on the Thames will definitely make you feel you’re a rock star. It’s just that having the luxury of owning a boat traversing through the river at least for several hours is some kind of a surreal feeling. 3 – You have the luxury of choosing from a different fleets and boats with luxurious themes in them. The fleet of your choosing is comprised of different steamers with different classical themes, from Edwardian to Elizabethan, which offer contrasting yet equally elegant wedding reception venues. So if you are planning to be as exclusive and inimitable as possible in holding the event, a Thames boat ride never falls short of your expectations. 4 – Get to see London in one trip. Quite interestingly, a wedding in Thames isn’t just about enjoying the luxuriousness and elegance of the steamer’s ambience onboard. Not a lot of people have experienced the beauty of London, or most of it through one boat ride. Therefore, you will be enjoying the ride of your life as you celebrate your wedding and explore the city at the same time.